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Why Awesome is Ordinary

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“Mo Life” with Memberships

I did not leave my "real" job to start the Indie Business Network because I was miserable and unhappy. I left because I did not want to become miserable and unhappy. Sadly, I saw the handwriting on the wall. I wanted to work, but a traditional work environment was too rigid for me. I looked for a flexible work situation that allowed me to enjoy life on my own terms, and when I couldn't find one, I knew I'd have to establish my own. I did that in the form of a membership based business model, ... Read the Post

Welcome to the Lifestyle CEO™

With great enthusiasm, I welcome you to Donna Maria, my personal digital digs and the new home of the Lifestyle CEO™ Show on video and as a podcast. I want you to consider this website as a sort of salon, where you can join me every day for a bit of relaxed conversation about one of my biggest passions: lifestyle entrepreneurship. Click the Arrow to Listen to Lifestyle CEO Radio! As you may know, I am The Lifestyle CEO. That is, I own my business, not just for financial reasons, but ... Read the Post