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Welcome to South Charlotte Women Entrepreneurs

Let me inspire you!

Over the last 20 years, I have grown my business from an idea in my head into the lifestyle business of my dreams. The Indie Business Network is a virtual business that uses new and digital technologies to empower and serve American Makers across the nation. I am excited today to begin to infuse my unique brand of entrepreneurial leadership into the women in my own back yard, in my adopted hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina.

My business, the Indie Business Network, is the first membership-based recurring revenue business on the Internet.* What began in 2000 as an experiment in women’s empowerment is now a multiple six-figure testimony to the power of innovation, persistence, and a dogged determination to transform great tragedy into lifelong meaning and legacy.

South Charlotte Women Entrepreneurs

The South Charlotte Women Entrepreneurs community serves three purposes.

  1. To educate and inform entrepreneur women in my local community about how they can use free and low-cost technological tools to lead their businesses through COVID-19 and beyond;
  2. To provide a platform for encouragement, support, and growth among the entrepreneur women of Charlotte; and
  3. To deliver a community in which women can brainstorm and innovate in a safe environment where no new idea is off-limits and every “strange” idea is poised to become the next business success.
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I am the person to do this. Here’s why.

I never drank the kool-aid.

Over 20 years as an entrepreneur, I have seen the same online marketers sell the same kool-aid over and over again. Like multi-level, pyramid scheming charlatans, they claim that what got them where they are will get you where they are. It’s not true.

I know that there is no secret. I know that there is no formula. You cannot do exactly what someone else did seven or ten years ago and get a similar result. It just doesn’t work. Sure, you can get useful strategies and tips from “swipe files” and “tip sheets,” but to really build something useful, you have to think things through on a truly individual basis.

I have the depth of experience and the gut-driven intuition to help women turn a concept into an idea, and then execute that idea relentlessly into reality that serves them personally and professionally, and that serves their target audience. I am especially good at doing this with women who are in business not just for financial reasons, but also for lifestyle reasons, and who are prepared to fully embrace the power of new technologies to shape the future.

It’s time to be more intentional about sharing my skills with the amazing women who live and work around me in Charlotte.


It gives me great pleasure to take this new and exhilarating step. I am ready. It’s time. See you in the South Charlotte Women Entrepreneurs community!

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