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Introducing the Online Business Success Show

An Experiment in Building YouTube Community

I admit it. I am a geek at heart. I am slightly addicted to using technology to empower as many people as possible be successful in an online business. My latest geek strategy involves the Online Business Success Show, live streaming Sundays at 8:30pm ET on YouTube. I’m excited to share a bit of background, so you know why I’m doing this, and why I think you’ll benefit.

I am not new to YouTube. In fact, I uploaded my first video to YouTube well over a decade ago. Today, I probably have over 100 videos scattered across three or four different channels. It’s haphazard because I have invested the bulk of my energy in other online platforms, like Facebook and Instagram.

During the last quarter of last year, I turned my attention to learning how to use YouTube more productively. I hired a consultant, and together, we recorded over six hours of YouTube training. I saved it all for you in this playlist, as my gift to help you use YouTube more effectively. After I completed the training, I recorded a few videos, and then, I stopped.

Why I Stopped Making YouTube Videos

The main reason I stopped making YouTube videos because I was advised that in order to be successful, it was wise to share edited videos on YouTube and not just YouTube to live stream. This was very disappointing to me for several reasons, so I stopped using YouTube so I could think about the best strategy for me to use going forward. Here’s what I’ve been thinking.

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1. I don’t have time for editing.

It can take up to three hours to edit one 60-second prerecorded video clip, especially for someone like me who is fairly new to the process. I could hire someone to do it for me, but I would still be the one managing it, which would suck valuable energy and brain space. My team is small, lean, and mean and I don’t want to add bulk anywhere that is not absolutely necessary. I don’t think prerecorded edited video is necessary to be successful on YouTube.

2. I have too much useful content to share.

While I have the budget to pay someone to edit for me, I have so much useful content to share that I would quickly blow through my budget with just a few videos a month. I have way more than that to share with you, and I’d rather invest my resources on substance than form.

4. Editing prerecorded video slows my messaging cycle.

Once I have something to share with you, I want to share it with you as quickly as I can so I can get it out of my head and into your small business arsenal. It doesn’t serve you to force great content into a video editing production schedule when the only benefit to doing so is that my content will be, well, edited.

I want to get good content into your hands as fast as possible so I can make room for my brain to develop new content. I don’t want to wait days or weeks for my thoughts to be trimmed, colored, fluffed, and massaged.

Sometimes, my teaching is urgent. If I want you to know something right away because it’s to your benefit, I don’t want to wait to get the value to you just so it can look prettier.

5. Editing prerecorded video adds unnecessary bureaucracy.

One fo the many reasons I left corporate America to start my own business is because I could remove the layers of bureaucracy that stood between me and my professional goals. I consider editing an unnecessary layer that stands between what is inside my head and the people who need access to what’s inside my head. Choosing live streaming over uploading edited videos eliminates that issue.

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5. The thought of editing was occupying valuable headspace.

The whole idea of having to edit all, or even most, of my videos is a distraction that makes it more difficult for me to perform my best thought leadership. In short, it was stressing me out. I’d much rather invest my brain cells on crafting the perfect way to articulate my thoughts to you than on opens and closes and bedazzling whizzing thingies.

6. Prerecorded videos make live community engagement difficult.

You cannot engage in real time with a prerecorded video. You can only engage after the fact. And since I believe strongly in the community economy, live streaming is definitely the way to go for me on YouTube. I hope you’ll join me.

I am so happy with this decision.

I feel excited about YouTube now for the first time in months. I’m sure that I will upload some prerecorded videos, but they will not be edited. I will of course pay attention to details like quality audio and good lighting so your experience is easy and positive.

My videos will be created with the intent to share entrepreneurial wisdom that is useful to you, nothing more and nothing less. Maybe someday this will change, but for now, I’m happy to be free to focus on dropping useful knowledge without worrying about post production details.

There is much to be said for prerecorded videos that showcase the amazing capabilities of editing software and the creative genius of people who know how to use it, so I know that my approach will not appeal to everyone. That’s OK with me. Live streaming frees me to get the information you need from my head to yours faster and more efficiently, so that’s the route I will take.

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Join me Sunday at 8:30pm ET on YouTube!

I invite you to join me on Sunday at 8:30pm ET on YouTube for the Online Business Success Show. Please note that I take the last Sunday of each month off to rest and rejuvenate.


How do you use YouTube, if at all? Do you live stream? Uploaded pre-recorded, edited videos? Some combination of the two?

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