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Webinar: Pivot to Online Business Profits

Tips for pivoting to a virtual business model

Recently, I was invited to be a guest on the Winner’s Circle Webinar at Commissioner Velma D. Leake’s Small Business Consortium. They wanted me to my in-depth experience growing and leading an online business. This topic is of urgent interest to Commissioner Leake’s constituents, many of whom have had to pivot quickly to an online business model in the wake of COVID-19.

Since my entire business, the Indie Business Network, has been online for 20 years, I was a perfect choice to share my experience and answer their questions. I was interviewed by my dear friend, Marlon Smith of Success By Choice, and you can watch the interview below. My segment begins at 21:00 minutes in.

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Time stamps

You can use these helpful time stamps to enhance your viewing experience.

start – 21:00: Jerrianne Jackson, Senior Economic Development Specialist, City of Charlotte, sharing about AMP UP Charlotte, designed prepare minority business owners for contracting opportunities with anchor institutions.
21:00: some of the Indie Business Network story
23:30: how as IBN lasted over 20 years?
25:13: the four phases of entrepreneurship
29:00: advice for pivoting a physical business model to a virtual business model
33:14 – winning business habits
35:45 – the difference between an exception and outstanding business and an average one
37:20: the importance of systems

Who is Commissioner Leakes?

Commissioner Leakes serves on the Mecklenberg County Board of Commissioners, representing Southwestern Mecklenberg County, North Carolina. Her Small Business Consortium is designed to educate, equip, and empower small business owners throughout the county.

Visit Commissioner Leake’s Small Business Consortium website, or follow on Facebook.

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