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Andrea Evans, Esq., Interviews Me on Leadership

Purpose + Community + Leadership

Earlier this month, my friend and colleague Andrea Hence Evans, Esq., interviewed me for her series focused on empowering you during this challenge pandemic season. We discussed my mindset as the founder and CEO of the Indie Business Network, the importance of building community around your brand, and my advice to the next generation of entrepreneurs. Watch the interview below.

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Time stamps

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start – 3:30: introduction
3:30 – 5:55: what keeps me motived after two decades in business
5:55 – 10:19: how to act your way into your purpose
10:19 – 14:00: how to create community around your brand
14:00 – end: how to lead and pivot during COVID-9

Who is Andrea Hence Evans, Esq?

I met Andrea, an intellectual property attorney, on Twitter over a decade ago. We became fast friends, especially after discovering that we are members of the same sorority (Delta Sigma Theta, Inc.) and that we are both attorneys.

Visit Andrea’s website, or follow her on Instagram.

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