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Facebook and Instagram

Why I Don’t Care That Facebook and Instagram Are Down

My House is Not Built on Rented Land

I was on my way back from a meeting earlier today, when one of my team members texted to tell me that Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp were down.

She forwarded me an article, which I have not read. The headline said the sites were down for “maintenance.”

If you believe Facebook just shut down the three biggest social media sites in the world for maintenance on a Wednesday afternoon with no advance notice, I have some Colorado ocean front property to sell you.

Anyway, I felt a strange sense of relief come over me when I heard the news. There must be some psychological reason for that, and I’ll explore it later.

But for now, I want to come alongside you in harmony around the realization that there are millions of entrepreneurs around the world in a full on panic right now because their paid for ads are not running, their scheduled posts are not posting, and their live stream videos are not streaming.

For those of you who don’t know, a very similar incident occurred on August 6, 2009, and I blogged about it here. This has happened before.

And it will happen again. But I’m not worried.

Why I am not worried …

I am not worried because I do not rely on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter or YouTube or Pinterest or Snapchat or What’s App or any of them to secure the future of my business. And neither do you, right?

My business is not built on rented land.

I am not worried …

I blog consistently, so Google is always hearing and sharing my message. (If you don’t blog consistently, here’s some big help for you to get started right NOW.)

I touch my customers and prospects regularly through a newsletter, so I can be in touch with the people who matter most regardless of what’s happening in social media land.

Increasingly, I use texting to connect with the people who want to hear from me and the Lifestyle CEO.

You do all of these things too, right? Of course you do. You are no more worried than I am, right?

We are not worried, are we? …

Nope. Not one bit.

Here is why I do not worry when Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp go down indefinitely in the middle of a busy workweek. #lifestyleceo Click To Tweet

Comment below!

Of course you are not worried, and I want to hear about why you are not worried. Leave a comment below?

Please let me know that, like me, you are not letting Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp do all the heavy lifting for you.

That’s a risky strategy based on what’s happening now. And what happened back on August 6, 2009. And what will happen again.

I invite you to tell me why you are not at all concerned that these social media sites are down, and why they can stay down all day, and you still will not be worried. Share in the comments below.

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    I do not put all eggs in one basket for my business. Not just for social media, but also for supplies, shipping options, packaging and marketing. I have at least three if not more alternatives for all of those aspects – just on the off chance that my go to is down or unavailable. When my main packaging supplier moved their warehousing and offices last year – there was mayhem and unhappy customers – but I had no problem, because I had already established backup suppliers years before. When a company that I relied on for mineral makeup ingredients and packaging closed last year – same story. NEVER EVER rely on one source for your business needs. And in reference to the social media blips – I very rarely use them for my marketing – so it was not a factor for me.

    • Donna Maria says

      Very impressive, Deb. I love seeing how you have made sure that social media does not use you, yet you figure out how to use it for your uniquely defined purposes. It’s very instructional to see how this logic carries across all aspects of your successful business, not just social media.

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