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Introducing the Lifestyle CEO™ Club

Purpose. Profit. Play.

My legacy, expanded ….

I am excited to introduce the Lifestyle CEO Club, an elite women’s entrepreneurial networking group celebrating purpose, profit, and play. If you’ve already heard about it and wish to request an invitation, click here. Otherwise, continue reading to learn about The Lifestyle CEO Club, an entrepreneurial community unlike any other. It is the next iteration of my life purpose, currently fulfilled through the Indie Business Network, to empower women to maximize their potential through small business ownership.

What Does Lifestyle CEO™ Mean?

On February 25, 2004, I coined the term Lifestyle CEO™ to describe a person who owns a business not just for financial reasons, but to also enjoy the entrepreneurial benefits of freedom, flexibility, and fun. I shared more details in this post.

Today, nearly 20 years later, I am slightly refining my vision of a Lifestyle CEO to embrace the concept of purpose and its connection to birthing financial and life opportunities for ourselves and for others.

I’ll describe this more fully as this website and blog grows and expands, but for now, know this.

Lifestyle CEO is not about making more money.

It’s about making more meaning.

Lifestyle CEO is not about donating our money.

It’s about donating our time.

Lifestyle CEO is not about building an empire.

It’s about building a life.

Lifestyle CEO is not about maximizing profits.

It’s about maximizing purpose.

Lifestyle CEO is not about working more.

It’s about turning work into play.

Lifestyle CEO is about what matters most …

The Lifestyle CEO is about doing work that fulfills your life purpose, profiting from those endeavors, and engaging in collaborative play as a form of gifted service to others.

The Lifestyle CEO is an unparalleled blend of interlocking relationships that supports personal development, business retreats, philanthropic and community initiatives, digital forums, virtual and in-person networking, and travel and leisure opportunities.

The Lifestyle CEO is an invitation-only network of women that includes senior corporate executives and CEOs, attorneys, seasoned entrepreneurs, small business owners, educators, community leaders and women in transition … collectively pursuing purpose, profit, and play on a truly unique scale.

The Lifestyle CEO is at the intersection of a purposeful life, a self-reliant life, and a playful life.

It’s a combination of continuous self-discovery, unending self-empowerment, and where business, travel, adventure and fun begin. An organization that is unapologetic about gathering like-minded women to explore everything from rock-climbing to venture capital. camaraderie in an unbroken and everlasting circle of companionship and camaraderie and …. everlasting

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The Lifestyle CEO Mindset …

If you know anything about me, you now that I’m not attracted to repetitive program and product launches, copy cat affiliate program, monotonous drip funnels, over-the-top Facebook ad campaigns, and emails with endless “don’t miss out” deadline reminders.

I am more about going big in business impact than I am about growing big in terms of business size.

The best thing about entrepreneurship is that it creates so much more than money. #lifestyleceo Click To Tweet

I do not care about going fast. I care about going far.

I do not concern myself as much with making money as I do with making impact.

I am not the least bit impressed with all the pretty videos and Instagram images that showcase entrepreneurship the way people want it to be instead of the way it really is.

I am more likely to brag about all the sleep I got than about all the sleep I missed. In my book, the hustle has to rest in order to perform at its best.

If you feel similarly, then perhaps Lifestyle CEO Club membership is for you.

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Charter Lifestyle CEO™ Members

I am pleased to introduce the charter members of Lifestyle CEO Club

I will introduce each of them more fully later, but for now, please feel free to click through and connect with our charter members below.

Deb Jasien

Kim Jones

Kayla Fioravanti

Maria Gelnett

Robin Schmidt

Nikie Wishnow and Doug Wyrich

Jennifer Waller

Sandy Engles

Marilyn Schendel

Michele Smith

Dawn Fitch

La Shonda Tyree

Laura Luther

Cindy Rodriguez and Joe Rodriguez

Roberta Perry

Venessa Phipps

Christine Laureano and Ed Laureano

Melinda Emerson

Katherine Dexter

Meredith Dexter

Andrea Hence Evans, Esq. and Christopher Evans

Membership is by Invitation Only …

Request a referral invitation …

If you are ready for a different kind of entrepreneurial experience … one that celebrates purpose over profit, yet combines both to allow you to fully express who and what you are through entrepreneurship, then I invite you to request an invitation.

Note: Membership in the Lifestyle CEO Club is by member referral only. Requests for invitations are strictly reviewed, and submission of a request for invitation does not guarantee acceptance.

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