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2019 Lavender Conference Recap

Last weekend, I delivered the opening keynote address to the 370 attendees of the 2019 United States Lavender Conference in Charleston, South Carolina. My keynote topic was The Community Economy, which I chose because of its importance to the success of your business. If there is no strong and engaged Community Economy around your brand, it’s not going to last very long. Here I am doing my thing.

Photo: US Lavender Growers Association
If there is no strong and engaged Community Economy around your brand, it's not going to last very long. Click To Tweet

Not only did I get the chance to empower hundreds of small business owners to be more effective leaders of their own Community Economy, but I got to hang out a bit with some of my Indie Business Network members. Here I am with our member, Joanne Voelker of Mt. Airy Lavender Farm, who was also recently a guest on Episode 65 of the Indie Business Podcast.

The Sweet Spot of the Community Economy

For those of you who missed my keynote, here is a graphic summarizing what I shared.

This graphic shows that the sweet spot of your Community Economy lies at the intersection of: (1) your use of social technologies; (2) your ability to offer sought after products and/or services; and (3) your ability to tap into the passions, lifestyles, and experiences of your target customers.

It’s where the engagement is. It’s where the money is. And, most importantly, it’s where the fun is!

With Cindy Jones

When I spoke at the 2017 Lavender Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, I got to see our member, Cindy Jones, from Colorado Aromatics in Longmont, Colorado. I was so excited to see her again this year, and made sure to grab my photo op with her. Check out Cindy’s product line, especially if you live an outdoor lifestyle and contend with dry skin conditions as a result.

The mission of the The United States Lavender Growers Association is to support and promote the United States lavender industry. USLGA supports lavender farmers, connects lavender growers to people who buy lavender in bulk or for home use, and serves as an ongoing resource for lavender education industry participants and consumers alike.

There were approximately 370 attendees at the event, and everyone was friendly and fun. I purchased some Lavender Lemon handmade soap, along with Lavender Lemongrass soy candles. I also enjoyed sipping Lavender Lemonade with my long distance mentor, Janice Cox, from Natural Beauty at Home. Here is the proof!

My First Boomerang

While at the conference, Janice taught me how to create a boomerang post in Instagram. (No, I had not yet figured it out.) Here I am with Janice on my left, and Joanne Voelker and her sister on my right, in my first boomberang. I am so pleased with myself.

(Priorities, right?)

The Lavender Dinner

Not only did I enjoy outstanding fellowship, but the food was good too. Here is Saturday evening’s Lavender Dinner, a scrumptious combination of perfectly seasoned baked chicken, along with green beans, and roasted red skin potatoes, topped with a generous lavender honey drizzle.


Would you like to learn more about lavender? Have you considered becoming a part of the US Lavender Growers Association? A lot of people are discovering that unused land, some that has been in their family for generations, can be put to good use (and color and fragrance!) through the cultivation and sale of lavender. Check them out today, and tell them Donna Maria sent you!

Best and success,

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    • donnamaria says

      Hey Cindy, yes, the boomerang thing looked complicated, but with someone sitting beside me to show it, it was super easy. And way more fun doing it with lavender lemonade (spiked!). I’m sure that helped … see you soon, and excited to continue the Maker Journeys discussion!

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