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The Community Economy

Recently, I delivered the opening keynote address to the 2019 United States Lavender Conference in Charleston, South Carolina. My topic was The Community Economy, and it was all about how to build community around your brand. Here is the graphic I used to illustrate my three-pronged approach to building community around your brand.

The Community Economy

I was thrilled to share the secrets of how I have built a solid community over the past 20 years around my brand, the Indie Business Network, and how you can do it too!

Here are the three elements of a strong brand community: (1) social technologies; (2) valuable products and services; and (3) a combination of passion, lifestyle, and experiences. #themembershipmaker Click To Tweet

In case you missed it, to illustrate the diagram, here is a quick overview of my three-pronged approach to building your own robust community economy:

• Social technologies: the wise and strategic use of a few carefully selected social technologies;

• Your products and services: a focused line of products and services that people highly value, and will pay for; and

• Passion, lifestyle, and experiences: regularly hosted events (virtual and/or in person) that welcome and engage people who are interested in you and your products and services, and how both can enhance their lives.

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