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Build Community Around Your Brand

No matter what you sell, you will sell more of it if you work diligently and consistently to build a solid and engaged community around your brand.

I recognized the power of community from an entrepreneurial perspective long before I launched the Indie Business Network. In fact, the very first thing I did on the day I started IBN was to publish an email newsletter to the people who had expressed an interest in my mission to empower women to maximize their potential through small business ownership.

That tiny group of subscribers not only believed that I could help them personally, but they also believed in the power of helping each other.

It started with an idea that entrepreneurship could help women reach their full potential. It continued with women helping each other do that. It continues today because the combination of a strong message and a core group of believers always creates business opportunities.

When you create and nurture community around your brand, as you evolve, sales opportunities present themselves with increasing regularity. And that’s why I call it The Community Economy, and that’s why you need to create one around your brand.

I invite you to explore this topic more in the video below. You can also watch it on Facebook and join the discussion there!

What you’ll learn:

  • What is the community economy
  • Why it’s critical to build a solid and engaged community around your brand
  • The 3 main things you need to build community around your brand

In this episode, I mentioned the following resources:

Remember: A core theme leads to community. Community leads to relationships. Relationships lead to business success.

Best and success,

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