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Turn Customers Into Members

3 Ways to Turn Customers Into Members

The Secret to Brand Loyalty and Repeat Sales

Did you know that treating buyers like members is a great way to encourage brand loyalty and repeat sales?

You see, a customer is a customer. She is great, and you appreciate her. But a customer will not help you build a sustainable business. Only a repeat customer can do that.

So, why not incentivize your customer to become a repeat customer by treating her like she’s more than a customer? Why not treat her like she’s a member? A brand loyalist? A part of a lively and growing and thriving community, composed of people who love and support each other as they experience your brand and enjoy how it enhances their lives?

Converting customers into members is not only a fun way to grow your business, but it also leads to never-ending sales opportunities and ultimately, to recurring revenue.

Why not incentivize your customer to become a repeat customer by treating her like she's more than a customer? Why not treat her like she's a member? #membershipmaker Click To Tweet

3 Ways to Turn Customers into Members

1. Invite them to join a private community

The king of strategies for any online business is to host a Facebook community group for people who buy your products regularly to share their common interests and express their opinions about your products and services and the things that matter to them. You could set up minimum criteria for entrance into the community, and when someone meets it, invite them to join. Or you may wish to invite everyone who makes a purchase to join.

If you sell products, you could even invite any buying customer to join your community, and layer a membership on top of that where people can buy limited edition products — but only if they are part of the higher membership level.

There are so many ways to structure it depending on what will work best for your brand.

A Facebook community makes it easy for you to do everything from personalize your services to naturally and easily conduct market research that empowers you to improve your products and services in the ways that are specifically requested by your members.

2. Host an event to which only they are invited

Events are one of the best ways to allow people to really experience how much you value them. Imagine if only the people you buy from you on a regular basis are invited to join you for a retreat themed to complement your brand.

No one else in the world is invited, only your “customers,” who are really not members of the tribe because they return again and again.

An example of this is my Indie Cruise Retreat, which I have hosted every year for nearly a decade.

Imagine not having to worry about how to showcase your brand on social media, because you have happy smiling faces at your event to tell the story for you. It takes extra energy and resources to plan and host an event, but the results are priceless.

3. Send customers a special gift with purchase via snail mail

You don’t have to do this with everyone who purchases, but if you do it for some, and they spread the word, you create enthusiasm and community around your brand. This provides opportunities to turn ordinary run-of-the-mill customers into something more.

The energy that flows from the simple act of letting people know that you will go above and beyond to serve them returns to you in the form of trust and brand loyalty, which gives you endless opportunities to sell your products and services.


Treat people who buy your products and services like the VIPs they are! Stop referring to them as customers and start referring to them as members! Allow them to feel special, and make them a part of your brand story as it unfolds.

You’ll be rewarded with great new relationships, brand loyalty, and endless opportunities for repeat sales.

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What do you think of the strategy of treating people like more than just customers or buyers? Think about how you feel when you make a purchase.

Do you feel like just another customer? Or do you feel like a valued member? Which brands do you like supporting the most?

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