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Recurring Revenue Membership: the Business of Today and the Future

I launched a recurring revenue membership business by “accident” nearly 20 years ago. It’s called the Indie Business Network, and as far as I know, it’s the first recurring revenue membership business on the Internet. My entire entrepreneurial career has been up and to the right, and I believe in the power of recurring revenue.

Today, I teach from my experience, and if you want to learn how to be successful in a recurring revenue membership business, you have come to the right place. I recently opened the Recurring Revenue Membership Business Facebook Group to help you do that.

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What You Will Experience

Here are some of the things you can expect to experience and enjoy if you join me!

1. How to build a career, not just make money

If you want to learn how to make money, leave now. That’s not what I teach.

Making money is a short term gain. I teach how to enjoy long term gains through entrepreneurship. Specifically, I will teach you how to build a profitable recurring revenue membership brand that forms the foundation for a business career that can last anywhere from a few years to a few decades.

2. How to build a solid community around your brand

We are living in The Community Economy. Sales success no longer depends on your personal sales prowess, or how great your products or services are.

Today, sales success is based largely on what your community says about your offerings, and how willing they are to share them with their friends. I’ll teach you how to step up to the leadership plate, and make that happen.

3. Tips for building a platform that supports multiple income streams

In my group, you’ll be exposed daily to ideas for how to create new opportunities for increased revenue streams inside your existing business, or the one you are starting.

4. Ideas to establish and hone your unique target audience

You’ll be encouraged on a daily basis to do the work required to build your own niche audience so you and your brand can swim in a market all your own. This is important because I firmly believe that once you have an audience, you can sell just about anything.

Once you have an audience, you can sell just about anything. #recurringrevenue #membershipsites Click To Tweet

5. Solidify yourself as expert in your field

If people do not see you as expert in your field, they will not buy from you one time, not to mention repeatedly over time. In my group, you’ll be empowered on a daily basis to solidify and strengthen your position as expert in your industry.

6. How to clarify and own your business goals

I don’t believe in accountability. Holding you accountable means chasing you down and beating you over the head with a stick to encourage you to get stuff done.

Rather than hold you accountable, I ask you to state and own your goals, and do what it takes to reach them. If you do those things, you won’t need accountability.

(Want a kick in the pants? Ask for one, and you’ll get it. But that’s not my default position.)

What You Won’t Experience

You will not experience hype.

You will not be taught hacks.

You will not be provided with the latest social media tricks.

You will not be trained to make a bunch of money.

You will not be trained to “beat” the latest Facebook or Instagram algorithms. (In fact, you’ll be trained to run a business where algorithms don’t even matter!)


My entrepreneurial philosophy is simple. Do one thing that serves one target audience and you will be successful. This will free you up to to two things or three things, etc. But if you don’t start with one thing, you’ll be like so many entrepreneurs I’ve seen through the years who have started this and started that, and changed to this, and moved to that. They end up spending their energy chasing the bright and the shiny.

Oh yes, they have plenty of passion, but it untamed and unbridled. It is wild and free and unconstrained, doing what it feels like doing when it feels like doing it — instead of doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done, even when they don’t feel like doing it.

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I help people create a business solid model that works to sell specific products or services to a specific people who want to pay for those products or services. Business really is no more complicated than that.











That’s what I teach.

Want that? Come here and join me.

Want more?

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What are you looking for? Hacks and thousand-dollar-days? Or solid strategies to help you build a recurring revenue membership business that can last and last and last — decades, or even your entire career? I’d love to hear your philosophy, and what you think of mine.

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