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Don’t just build a website …

101 Membership Tips – Tip No. 1

Don’t just build a website … build a business

In the coming months, I’m sharing a total of 101 tips to help you build a solid recurring revenue membership business. Here is Tip No. 1: Don’t just build a website …

A membership site is great. A membership business is better.

In recent years, I have noticed an increasing tendency for people to confuse membership sites with businesses. They are not one and the same.

The confusion seems to happen when people think that because a membership site may generate income, it must also be a business. Not true.

A membership site is not a business.

It may support a business, but it is not a business itself.

A membership site it not a business. It's just a website. It may support a business, but it is not a business itself. #membershipmaker Click To Tweet

A website is just a website.

A membership website is just a membership website.

A membership website is nice, but the real long-term value is created when you translate those two things into a business that serves as a platform for multiple income streams for years to come.

When I launched the Indie Business Network, it was not my goal to have a website or a membership. It was my goal to have a business.

After establishing the vision for my business, I decided that the best way to make that vision a reality was to embrace the notion of a membership business model. Once I decided to do that, the website provided the membership business with an online home.

I use the same strategic approach that guided me to launch the Indie Business Network to help you launch your own recurring revenue membership business.

I don’t just help you launch a website. I help you grow a business.

When you work with me, you don't just grow a website site. You grow a business. #membershipmaker Click To Tweet

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to get started creating your perfect recurring revenue membership business, I’m ready to help you.

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A website is a great tool, but it’s really just a collection of pixels. To be truly significant, for an entrepreneur, a website has to stand for something

Do you understand the difference between a membership site and a business based on a membership business model?

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