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Flexibility Without Boundaries

Flexibility is an increasingly valuable benefit of any work or entrepreneurial environment. One of the things the people I work with at the Indie Business Network, tell me they enjoy most about working with me is the flexibility.

My team is composed of independent contractors, which means they can do their work on a schedule that suits their lifestyles. Some days are chock full of activity while others are more laid back. As long as the projects get done, I am flexible in terms of when they are done, and under what specific circumstances.

The flexibility we all enjoy is not without boundaries. Neither I nor anyone on my team plays anything by ear. Things are done in an orderly fashion, and tasks and projects are prioritized based on a variety of things … none of which is the same from day to day.

As a Lifestyle CEO, the flexibility you enjoy must be contained in ways that do not diffuse your energy and flow. Flexibility without boundaries, including things like workflow guidelines, deadlines, and schedules will inevitably lead to constrained circumstances and limited opportunities, and neither of those are good for your life or your business.

I invite you to explore this topic more in the video below. You can also watch it on Facebook and join the discussion there!

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What you’ll learn:

  • Flexibility is a strength, but it can become a weakness
  • Why flexibility without boundaries creates diffused and weakened energy
  • How to know when your boundaries need to be shored up

The following resources are mentioned in, or complement, this episode:

Remember: Strengths can become weaknesses if they are not put into the proper context. The flexibility you enjoy as a Lifestyle CEO is not limitless. Reign it in with the right amount of discipline and freedom (not constraint) is the result.

Best and success,

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