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Entrepreneurial Multiplier

Last week, a woman who read one of my Indie Business Network blog posts from  (this one, in case you’re interested) reached out to ask about hiring me to help her grow her business. This is a great example of how I am an entrepreneurial multiplier.

I am strategic about how I invest my energy, always looking to get multiple uses out of a single project.

It is important that you be an entrepreneurial multiplier as well. As an entrepreneur, you must invest our energy wisely. There are only so many hours in a day, and you have to make sure to prioritize each activity for maximum impact.

Be strategic. Make sure everything you do has as many impacts on behalf of your business as possible. Don’t do just one thing and get one benefit from it. Do one thing and get multiple benefits from doing it.

Choose collaborations that create multiple high value returns. Work with other people who are also entrepreneurial multipliers. You always multiply your results when you work with people who bring the same mindset to the table.

I invite you to explore this topic more in the video below. You can also watch it on Facebook and join the discussion there!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to be an entrepreneurial multiplier
  • Tips for finding opportunities that produce multiple high value returns
  • Why you must strategically choose quality business collaborations

In this episode, I mentioned the following resources:

Remember: Be strategic. Look for leverage. Invest your entrepreneurial energy wisely. Do one thing and get multiple uses out of it.

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