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How Often Should You Blog?

How Often Should You Blog?

Less Often Than You Think

Everyone knows of my strong belief that blogging is a tool that every Lifestyle CEO should use to grow their business and expand their reach. As a result, I am frequently asked how often one should blog in order to achieve positive and consistent results that ultimately lead to sales opportunities. This post answers that question.

Before I dive in, if you have not read 5 Reasons Why You Should Blog Consistently, do so now. Unless you first understand why blogging is important at all, you won’t benefit from an article about how often you should do it.

One more thing. No matter how much you blog, if all you do is blog and share your blog posts, you will not grow a business that thrives over the long term.

I’ll share some of the other things that must be done in other posts, but because it’s important to target one thing at a time, let’s just focus on blogging for now.

How Often Should You Blog?

1. Blog as frequently as you can.

Everyone’s life is different. As a Lifestyle CEO, you are building a business around your life. Therefore, your blogging frequency is partly a function of the kind of life you want to have.

How often should you blog? Blog as frequently as you can without destroying your lifestyle goals in the process. Get more blogging tips here #lifestyleceo Click To Tweet

How often should you blog? Blog as frequently as you can without destroying your lifestyle goals.

All other things being equal, a new mom is generally not going to blog as often as a woman with no children. So begin by publishing a few blog posts without any particular frequency in mind.

After you’ve hit the publish button a few times, you’ll have an idea of how long it takes you to produce a post. Use that information to determine what blogging frequency will work best for you.

2. Do not blog more frequently than you can.

If you can only produce one blog post per week consistently for now, do that. Don’t try to squeeze in two or three posts per week if your life cannot handle it at the moment.

How often should you blog? Blog as often as you are able to blog consistently, but not more often than that. #lifestyleceo Click To Tweet

3. Create and stick to a blogging system.

As neuropsychologist and meditation teacher Rick Hanson states in his book Hardwiring Happiness, when you repeat a particular behavior enough, neural pathways are created in your brain that causes the behavior to become natural — almost automatic.

The neural pathways eventually serve as a type of system that allows you to repeat the behavior almost without thinking. Tasks that were once overwhelming and complicated become less so.

Create a blogging system that maximizes your chances of producing a blog post according to the goal you set. Whether it’s once a week or once a day, organize your life in such a way that you can blog at approximately the same time(s) on the same day(s), each week.

For example, if your goal is to publish one blog post per week, on Mondays at 12pm, the system you repeat each week may look something like this:

  • Use the weekend, while exercising or running errands, to think of topics your audience would enjoy
  • Write down your ideas in your planner, or record them on your phone so you don’t forget them
  • On Sunday, as you plan your week, select the topic you’ll blog about, and jot down 3 points you will make about that topic
  • On Monday morning at 10am, write the blog post, insert a graphic, ask a question or two at the end, and publish your post by 12pm.
  • Share your post on social media, and in your newsletter.

If possible, create very rough drafts of your blog posts in batches. For example, if you blog once a week, use the last week of the month to create very drafts of four blog posts for the coming month.

When rough drafting, don’t pay much attention to typos and grammar. Just draft the basic idea you want to convey in each post, along with 3 or 4 supporting points, and a quick conclusion. You might want to and add a blog post image at this stage as well.

When you finally sit down to finalize your post for the week, the process will go much more quickly.


As you grow your business as a Lifestyle CEO, it will become increasingly important that you only take actions that are repeatable and which have high value to your bottom line. Blogging has extremely high value if you post consistently over time, and stick as closely as possible to a system.

To maintain a solid blog that supports your brand and delivers sales opportunities, blog as often as you can, but not more than that, and stick to a blogging system. #lifestyleceo Click To Tweet

Questions for discussion and sharing

How often do you blog? If you have a blogging system, what is it? If you don’t have one, what’s holding you back? Share your feedback in the comment area below.

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