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La Shonda Tyree Interviews Me About Lead + Pivot

Lead + Pivot

Recently, my friend and colleague La Shonda Tyree interviewed me for her brand new Level Up and Create podcast. We discussed my mindset as the founder and CEO of the Indie Business Network, the importance of building community around your brand, and my advice to people looking to build a business.

Honored to be @soapcoach's first guest on her new Level Up and Create Podcast! Learn more and get the links here. #podcast #levelupandcreate Click To Tweet

Who is La Shonda Tyree?

La Shonda is my friend, Indie Business Network member, and little sister. We met nearly two decades ago at a conference for soapmakers and discovered that we had so much in common — including that we were practically the only people of color int he room.

At the time, I had just stepped down from my position as an attorney in Washington, DC, and I was speaking at the event on the topic of intellectual property. My book, Making Aromatherapy Creams and Lotions, had just been published, and I was so excited to explore a new way of living as a Lifestyle CEO.

Over the years, La Shonda and I have laughed hysterically and cried uncontrollably together.

We have also dined, snorkeled, texted, cruised and chatted it up like two enthusiastic school girls, always energized and delighted to continue to pursue our passion for serving others through our businesses.

We have had scads of fun together for the past two decades, and we are both thrilled at the prospect of continuing the laughs for decades to come.

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Do you have a friend like La Shonda? Someone you met through a business event who has become like family to you? If not, I hope you will one day. It is a rewarding and wonderful thing in life when your business produces friendships that last a lifetime. I’d love to hear about your similar experiences and relationships in the comments.

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