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FUN: Laughter Is Medicine

Laughter is the best medicine, don’t you think? My daughter and I got a good dose of it on Christmas day. With unseasonably warm weather in Washington, DC, we went outside and had some great laughs as she took pictures of me with the camera Santa bought for her. Here’s one of them.

I Laugh. A lot.

I’m not a model, but I love pretending to be one, and this cracks my daughter up.

When I strike a new pose like I mean it, I hear her snickering behind the lens, and she comments on how cute she thinks I am.

I realize I probably look ridiculous, but that’s what makes it fun.

Laughter releases chemicals in the brain that can help relieve pain. If that's true, then nothing on my body should ever hurt. #lifestyleceo Click To Tweet

We laugh together, and life just gets more fun every single day.

I have read that laughing releases feel-good brain chemicals that can even help relieve pain. In that case, as most of my friends know, nothing on my body should ever hurt.

In other news, I’m super bad at accessorizing, mainly because it takes extra time. Even so, I think I need a necklace with this blouse, don’t you? What kind should I get?

Best and success,

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  1. angela says

    You’re asking the wrong person about accessorizing. I agree with you about it taking too much time. I’d rather get where I’m going and laugh.

    • donnamaria says

      I am so that way! I was talking to my girlfriend, who is a personal stylist about this. I told her that my patience for accessorizing stops at lip gloss. She has promised me that adding just a few more minutes will work wonders. I’m skeptical, but willing to see what she had to say. Ha!

    • donnamaria says

      Yes! And boy, did we laugh! I laughed so much with so many people. I wish they would host the event every year!! But I know it’s a ton of work, so I get skipping a year for planning and what not. Plus, they are all also running their own businesses. I’m excited to see where the Lavender Conference will be in 2021!

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