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Except for a few breaks here and there, I have published a weekly newsletter (subscribe here) since 2000. Each Sunday, it features curated entrepreneurial mentorship and advice to help you build a business you can love and work from anywhere. Each issue includes a masthead reflecting a transformative experience from my previous week. You can subscribe here. Meanwhile, here is a bit of what you have been missing over the years if you are not a subscriber.

April 26, 2020: Vol. 20, Issue 12: About all that money …

With my recently trimmed-at-home-in-a-pandemic hair, courtesy of my husband, this issue contains my thoughts on the abominable behavior of the publicly traded companies that took money they didn’t need under the COVID-19 federal aid programs. Shame on them.

April 19, 2020: Vol. 20, Issue 11: Raw vegan corn salad and a challenge …

I shared the recipe for a delish raw salad to go with the BBQ chicken we had grilled, and I announced the Video Sales and Marketing 5-Day Challenge hosted over at the Indie Business Network site here. Did you catch it?

October 27, 2019: Vol. 19, Issue 42: Join me LIVE on YouTube at 7:30pm

That’s me preparing to go live on Facebook … or somewhere. I can’t remember where. But it was on a video somewhere … because to be in business today, being live or recorded on video (preferably, where you customers are!) on a consistent basis is no longer an option if you want your business to grow. The other thing that’s not an option is to not only embrace change, but also to plan it.

October 20, 2019: Vol. 19, Issue 41: How to manage your time …

That’s my son, Brooks, who turned 16 last week. Why am I showing you his back? It’s a long story, we’ll talk about it sometime. Anyway, he plays wide receiver (offense), cornerback (defense) and punt returner (special teams). He is a very good player, and like most people in the digital era, he is finding it hard to manage his time. I’m trying to teach him, but I feel like I won’t know if I’m doing a good job until it’s too late to correct it. Anyhoo …

October 6, 2019: Vol. 19, Issue 42: Avoid this hiring danger

I love coffee so much! During a Starbucks run one day last week, I noticed that the image on the cup wrap looked a little like me. So, I snapped this picture and loaded it to my brand new Coffee Highlights on my Instagram. If you love coffee, join me there now and then for a morning cup of Joe!

October 13, 2019: Vol. 19, Issue 43: Letting go is hard, but necessary …

That’s me and one of my mentors, Michael Hyatt. If you are not familiar with his work, I strongly suggest you have a look at his blog and podcast. Do you have a business mentor?

September 15, 2019: Vol. 19, Issue 41: Training replay + my next act …

That’s me and my friend, Soror and Indie Business Network member Andrea Hence Evans at Charlotte’s Clean Juice. We both had The Immunity One, which is carrot, lemon, orange, pineapple and tumeric. There are lots of Clean Juice locations nationwide. Find the one closest to you here.February 23, 2018

Sporting my new prescription polarized sun glasses. Not cheap, but worth it to protect my eyes from the sun’s glare.

February 16, 2018

Me and my jewelry maker friend, Shannon. I’m wearing some bling she made for me.

February 9, 2018

My daughter is in the background taking the visual portion of her driver’s test. This issue was all about how Lifestyle CEOs value experiences and relationships more than money.

February 2, 2018

I’m with Toushonta Hogan of Scentsational Soaps, one of my longtime Indie Business Network members. We are at dinner in Ixtapa on Indie Cruise 2019, practicing our “fish lips. This issue was about how Lifestyle CEOs are serious about business, but we never take ourselves too seriously.

January 26, 2018

I was sick with a bad cold this week, so no picture of me with my swollen eyes, red nose, and sickly smile. This issue was about how Lifestyle CEOs never seek to automate authenticity — even when they are sick.

January 19, 2018

Here I am in Ixtapa on Indie Cruise 2019, with Salvador and Sierra, my resort guides. This issue shared how Lifestyle CEOs know that every person they encounter is an opportunity to serve, and therefore, to make money.

January 12, 2018

Here I am right after arriving in Ixtapa on Indie Cruise 2019. This issue was all about how crazy happy I was to be away from cold weather for a while.

January 5, 2018

I’m flying over Mexico City in this picture, about to land in Ixtapa on Indie Cruise 2019. This issue was about how I missed my flight, and about how important it is for Lifestyle CEOs to build sufficient buffer time into their schedules.