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Freedom: Never Waver

New entrepreneurs sometimes ask me how I’ve managed to be in business over at the Indie Business Network for nearly 20 years. Here are some of the specific questions I receive regularly:

• In lean times, how do you resist the urge to try something different?

• Don’t you have to change with the times?

• How did you stay in business during the Great Recession?

The answer these (and countless other) questions is the same.

Never Waver

While it may seem constricting to lead the same business for nearly 20 years, there is actually great freedom in it.

While every day is different, some things at their core never change much.

I have seen businesses come and I have seen them go. Much of the time, the reason they go is because they are led by people who cannot commit over the long haul.

Business is like a relationship. You have to be either in or out. You cannot be lukewarm. You cannot be on the fence. You cannot be of two minds.

And you cannot expect microwave-like results.

While there are times when a business leader needs to scrap everything and start over, most of the time, they just need to tweak what they have and stay the course.

Your entrepreneurial freedom will require an insane level of commitment. It will be worth it. Click To Tweet

Freedom will cost you

I see so many entrepreneurs say they want “freedom,” yet they resist the commitment required to attain it.

If you’re serious, you must never waver. Even when you are unsure or afraid or bored or weary or beat down.

Your entrepreneurial freedom will require an insane level of commitment. It will be worth it.

Never waver.

Best and success,

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  1. Angela says

    I keep putting one foot in front of the other. Sometimes my steps are small, but consistent small steps forward add up. I’m guessing that counts as never wavering. Thanks for sharing, sometimes I need reminding.

  2. Alyson says

    “Tweak and stay the course” really resonates with me. You gave me this advice a couple of months ago, and that is exactly what I’m doing! Great post!

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