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Word For 2019: Listen

I am so excited about this new year and a new opportunity to listen more carefully to what people are saying through their words and actions.


What lessons do I need to learn from my children that I may be missing because I am so wrapped up in parenting?

What do I need to do differently based on what my Indie Business Network members have to say?

What things can I learn from strangers, my friends, my business colleagues, my neighbors, the guy who loads groceries into my car, etc., if I do a better job of listening?

What do I need to hear from God?

How would my life improve if I listened better, and responded more intentionally to what I hear?

How much more effective could I be at helping others improve their lives and their businesses if I became a better listener?

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Listen. That’s my word for 2019.

What’s yours?

Best and success,

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