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Flexibility: Make It Yourself

Before I launched the Indie Business Network in 2000, I held multiple jobs, each of which I enjoyed. But when I decided I wanted to get married and have a family, suddenly, the opportunities that suited me dried up.

Nothing appealed to me.

I looked into job sharing, but I could not figure out how I could “share” a job and fully own the results.

I looked into part-time work, but every woman I talked to told me that “part-time” always turned into “full-time,” and I didn’t want that either.

I considered back pedaling in my career to a “dead end” job that paid the bills, and that was so not me.

After much soul searching, I realized that I wanted to work, but I didn’t just want to work for money. I wanted to work to enjoy my life. As I contemplated starting a family, I needed flexibility. and the traditional work world did not offer that. I wanted to work, just not the way everyone else said I should work.

I needed flexibility … real flexibility.

The challenge I faced was that there were literally no jobs that had the kind of flexibility that I wanted and needed.

Ultimately, there was no traditional career path that suited me, so I had to create one for myself.

Ultimately, there was no traditional career path that suited me, so I had to create one for myself. Click To Tweet

Sound familiar?

It’s nearly twenty years later and, for women, the traditional work world is still much the same way. Lots of ways to work like other people need you to work; ways that do not suite your lifestyle or your personality.

I set out to create my own career and income path.

My criteria were three-fold:

(1) First, I wanted to enjoy my life.
(2) Second, I wanted to build a long-lasting business.
(3) Third, I wanted to have my own way when it came to how I worked.

Today, all these years later, I can look back and say that I am enjoying my life, building my business, and having my way … especially enjoying lunch at Busboys and Poets, a Washington, DC, institution, with my girls: Dee, Chenel, and Raquel, pictured with me above.

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Let’s do this!

Best and success,

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