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Family: Legacy

I often refer to my children as my WHY. This is my excellent 91-year old Mommy. She is my HOW.


Whenever I feel incapable or like I will fail, I hear her voice cheering me on.

She is so far superior to anything I could ever hope to be, and I can only pray that, through my stubbornness, some of her wisdom slips through.

For me, entrepreneurship has never been so much about business as it is about legacy. If, through my work at @indiebusiness, I can leave a strong and positive legacy, I will have made my mother proud.

If you ever see me stumble and fall in my business, or with my friends and family, my Mommy is HOW I get back up again. It is her spirit that forces me forward.

It's not about business. It's about legacy. What's yours? #lifestyleceo Click To Tweet

It’s not about business. It’s about legacy.

What’s yours?

Best and success,

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