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La Shonda Tyree Interviews Me About Lead + Pivot

Lead + Pivot Recently, my friend and colleague La Shonda Tyree interviewed me for her brand new Level Up and Create podcast. We discussed my mindset as the founder and CEO of the Indie Business Network, the importance of building community around your brand, and my advice to people looking to build a business. Who is La Shonda Tyree? La Shonda is my friend, Indie Business Network member, and little sister. We met nearly two decades ago at a conference for soapmakers and discovered ... Read the Post

Happy Independence Day?

Conflict + Uncertainty + Fear + Hope I woke up this morning, feeling uneasy. That is nothing new. For most of my life, I have awakened on the morning of the 4th of July feeling unsure about exactly what I am expected to celebrate on this date. Of course I know about the Declaration of Independence and freedom from tyranny and all of the things I was taught in school. And of course, it has always been fun to "take off" work and school on the 4th of July. Through the years, it's been pretty ... Read the Post

Webinar: Pivot to Online Business Profits

Tips for pivoting to a virtual business model Recently, I was invited to be a guest on the Winner's Circle Webinar at Commissioner Velma D. Leake's Small Business Consortium. They wanted me to my in-depth experience growing and leading an online business. This topic is of urgent interest to Commissioner Leake's constituents, many of whom have had to pivot quickly to an online business model in the wake of COVID-19. Since my entire business, the Indie Business Network, has been online for ... Read the Post

An Invitation to Apply to My Mentoring Program

Planting trees whose shade I will never sit under ... A Greek Proverb encourages us that a society grows stronger when people plant trees whose shade they will never sit beneath. To that end, as the founder and CEO of the Indie Business Network, I'm excited to announce a new mentoring program designed specifically for black makers and handmade entrepreneurs. Purpose of the Mentoring Group While I have been an entrepreneur mentor for two decades, the impetus for this particular group ... Read the Post

Andrea Evans, Esq., Interviews Me on Leadership

Purpose + Community + Leadership Earlier this month, my friend and colleague Andrea Hence Evans, Esq., interviewed me for her series focused on empowering you during this challenge pandemic season. We discussed my mindset as the founder and CEO of the Indie Business Network, the importance of building community around your brand, and my advice to the next generation of entrepreneurs. Watch the interview below. Time stamps You can use these helpful time stamps to enhance your ... Read the Post

Want to Create a Legacy Business Model?

Create a business that will last decades Coaches, consultants, trainers, and service providers who are familiar with my two decades of entrepreneurial success are asking me for private strategy sessions to help them think through and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic and what it means for their businesses. I am not in a position to host one-on-one consultations at this time, but I can host group coaching, so that’s what I am offering now, with my new (and one-time) 90-Day Sprint Mastermind ... Read the Post

Introducing the Online Business Success Show

An Experiment in Building YouTube Community I admit it. I am a geek at heart. I am slightly addicted to using technology to empower as many people as possible be successful in an online business. My latest geek strategy involves the Online Business Success Show, live streaming Sundays at 8:30pm ET on YouTube. I'm excited to share a bit of background, so you know why I'm doing this, and why I think you'll benefit. I am not new to YouTube. In fact, I uploaded my first video to YouTube well ... Read the Post

Welcome to South Charlotte Women Entrepreneurs

Let me inspire you! Over the last 20 years, I have grown my business from an idea in my head into the lifestyle business of my dreams. The Indie Business Network is a virtual business that uses new and digital technologies to empower and serve American Makers across the nation. I am excited today to begin to infuse my unique brand of entrepreneurial leadership into the women in my own back yard, in my adopted hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. My business, the Indie Business Network, ... Read the Post

Introducing the Lifestyle CEO™ Club

Purpose. Profit. Play. My legacy, expanded .... I am excited to introduce the Lifestyle CEO Club, an elite women's entrepreneurial networking group celebrating purpose, profit, and play. If you've already heard about it and wish to request an invitation, click here. Otherwise, continue reading to learn about The Lifestyle CEO Club, an entrepreneurial community unlike any other. It is the next iteration of my life purpose, currently fulfilled through the Indie Business Network, to empower ... Read the Post

How to Build a New Habit

Think small and track your progress I admit it. Whenever I have wanted to create something new in my life, I am generally met with good results. I think it's because I'm a hard worker and a naturally good problem solver. I tend to quickly cut through "stuff," get to the core of an issue, and promptly take action. It's a great approach, and it works. Except when it doesn't work. And, for me, it has generally not worked in the area of health and wellness. As a mom, having a business of ... Read the Post

How Entrepreneurs Should Use Social Media

Be selective and intentional When I launched the Indie Business Network in 2000, there was no social media. The first YouTube video was not published until 2005, Twitter launched in 2006, and Instagram didn't come along until 2010. During those years, it was easy to use social media, not only because there were so few outlets, but also because I could add them on, one at a time. By contrast, when you start a business today, you are immediately overwhelmed because you are looking ... Read the Post

Don’t just build a website …

101 Membership Tips - Tip No. 1 Don't just build a website ... build a business In the coming months, I'm sharing a total of 101 tips to help you build a solid recurring revenue membership business. Here is Tip No. 1: Don't just build a website … A membership site is great. A membership business is better. In recent years, I have noticed an increasing tendency for people to confuse membership sites with businesses. They are not one and the same.The confusion seems to happen when ... Read the Post