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How to Build a New Habit

Think small and track your progress I admit it. Whenever I have wanted to create something new in my life, I am generally met with good results. I think it's because I'm a hard worker and a naturally good problem solver. I tend to quickly cut through "stuff," get to the core of an issue, and promptly take action. It's a great approach, and it works. Except when it doesn't work. And, for me, it has generally not worked in the area of health and wellness. As a mom, having a business of ... Read the Post

How Entrepreneurs Should Use Social Media

Be selective and intentional When I launched the Indie Business Network in 2000, there was no social media. The first YouTube video was not published until 2005, Twitter launched in 2006, and Instagram didn't come along until 2010. During those years, it was easy to use social media, not only because there were so few outlets, but also because I could add them on, one at a time. By contrast, when you start a business today, you are immediately overwhelmed because you are looking ... Read the Post

Don’t just build a website …

101 Membership Tips - Tip No. 1 Don't just build a website ... build a business In the coming months, I'm sharing a total of 101 tips to help you build a solid recurring revenue membership business. Here is Tip No. 1: Don't just build a website … A membership site is great. A membership business is better. In recent years, I have noticed an increasing tendency for people to confuse membership sites with businesses. They are not one and the same.The confusion seems to happen when ... Read the Post

Join the Recurring Revenue Group

Start and Grow Your Recurring Revenue Membership Business Recurring Revenue Membership: the Business of Today and the Future I launched a recurring revenue membership business by "accident" nearly 20 years ago. It's called the Indie Business Network, and as far as I know, it's the first recurring revenue membership business on the Internet. My entire entrepreneurial career has been up and to the right, and I believe in the power of recurring revenue. Today, I teach from my experience, ... Read the Post

Turn Customers Into Members

3 Ways to Turn Customers Into Members The Secret to Brand Loyalty and Repeat Sales Did you know that treating buyers like members is a great way to encourage brand loyalty and repeat sales? You see, a customer is a customer. She is great, and you appreciate her. But a customer will not help you build a sustainable business. Only a repeat customer can do that. So, why not incentivize your customer to become a repeat customer by treating her like she's more than a customer? Why not ... Read the Post

What I Learned at The Focused Leader

What I Learned at The Focused Leader What I Discovered at Michael Hyatt's One-Day Event I recently attended The Focused Leader, a one-day intensive hosted by author, speaker, and leadership expert Michael Hyatt. It was such an unforgettable experience for me that I thought I'd share a bit about it with you. In order to provide you with as full a view as possible, I'm going to cover the venue, the format, and the content. The Venue The venue was The Factory at Franklin, a ... Read the Post

33 Membership Business Ideas

Tiny Books™: 33 Awesome Membership Business Model Ideas I love discovering new membership business models. It's fascinating and inspiring to see how people from all walks of life leverage their passions, proficiencies, talents, and gifts to create income on their own terms through a recurring revenue membership business. Since I am frequently asked to share how my membership business model at Indie Business Network works, I thought I'd hunt down some additional ones to introduce you to, and ... Read the Post

Six Figures From Home

Tiny Books™: Six Figures From Home How I Used the Internet to Build a Six-Figure Membership Business While Raising My Children The longer I lead the Indie Business Network, the more questions I get about how I built and sustained it as the first (as far as I know) subscription-based recurring revenue membership business on the Internet. The newest addition to my Tiny Books™ collection of publications answers that question, and it's available to you for free for a limited time. I wrote ... Read the Post

I Am Becoming: Michelle Obama

What I Learned at Becoming: An Intimate Conversation With Michelle Obama We Are More Alike Than We Think I returned from from Cleveland yesterday, after attending Becoming: An Intimate Conversation with Michelle Obama, former First Lady of the United States. The event was one of the most inspiring I have ever attended. It was also one of the most fun, since much to my surprise, I ended up being featured on a local television news segment because of it. (My interview on News 5 Cleveland is ... Read the Post