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Facebook and Instagram

Why I Don't Care That Facebook and Instagram Are Down My House is Not Built on Rented Land I was on my way back from a meeting earlier today, when one of my team members texted to tell me that Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp were down. She forwarded me an article, which I have not read. The headline said the sites were down for "maintenance." If you believe Facebook just shut down the three biggest social media sites in the world for maintenance on a Wednesday afternoon with no ... Read the Post

Book Club: Free to Focus

Book Club: Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt Achieve More by Doing Less As great as technology is, it also has the huge downside of being a massive distraction. Leveraging technology without being intentional and focused usually spells disaster for you, in life and in business. But it's not just technology that threatens to prevent you from making your entrepreneurial dreams a reality. It's also just regular life. As a mom who leads a business from home, I have a million things pulling ... Read the Post

7 Steps to Recurring Revenue

7 Steps to Recurring Revenue A Proven Path to Freedom, Fun, and Finances Recurring revenue is all the rage today, but when I launched the Indie Business Network in January 2000, the term didn't really exist. Up until then, no one had ever led an online business with a recurring revenue model. I actually think I am the first one to do so. I had no road map. While I didn't know exactly how I was going to make things happen, I did know exactly what I wanted to make happen. I wanted to make ... Read the Post

20 Easy Blog Post Templates

Tiny Books™: 20 Easy (And Fun!) Blog Post Templates Never wonder what to blog about again! In over a decade of blogging, I have published 2,096 blog posts in categories ranging from Success and Entrepreneurship to Social Media and Leadership. While I rarely have trouble coming up with new blog post topics, I do find myself starting at the occasional blank screen. If that still happens to me after over a decade, it's no surprise that newer bloggers need a jump start when it comes to ... Read the Post

How Often Should You Blog?

How Often Should You Blog? Less Often Than You Think Everyone knows of my strong belief that blogging is a tool that every Lifestyle CEO should use to grow their business and expand their reach. As a result, I am frequently asked how often one should blog in order to achieve positive and consistent results that ultimately lead to sales opportunities. This post answers that question. Before I dive in, if you have not read 5 Reasons Why You Should Blog Consistently, do so now. Unless ... Read the Post

My Favorite Blog of All Time

My Favorite Blog of All Time The Blog of Seth Godin My favorite blog of all time is the The Blog of Seth Godin. I'm not sure why or when the question of what blog I love most popped into my head, but it did. Using criteria that are important to me, I considered several blogs by several awesome bloggers, including Tim Ferriss, Michael Hyatt, Marie Forleo, Leo Babauta, and Gretchen Rubin. Seth's blog won, hands down. Why Seth Godin's Blog is My Favorite Blog of All Time 1. Seth is ... Read the Post

My Current Favorite WordPress Plugins

My Current Favorite Wordpress Plugins These are the Plugins I Cannot Do Without Now that I've shared the importance of consistently blogging, I thought I would take a few moments to quickly post my favorite Wordpress plugins. I use the free versions of the plugins featured here. (Yay!) I use plenty of good plugins that are not mentioned here. This post includes only the plugins I rely on the most to keep this blog interesting and useful to you. My Current Favorite Wordpress ... Read the Post

Why You Should Blog Consistently

5 Reasons Why You Should Blog Consistently Nothing Builds Online Credibility Like Consistent Blogging No matter what you sell, you must establish and maintain credibility in order to sell it. There are many ways to do that, but as an online entrepreneur, blogging consistently is one of the best. A blog is a website that is updated regularly with articles, or "blog posts," designed to benefit your specific target audience. Here are five reasons why you should blog consistently. 5 ... Read the Post

What is a Lifestyle CEO?

What is a Lifestyle CEO™? We Are Different From Traditional Entrepreneurs A Lifestyle CEO™ is a person who owns a business in order to enjoy the entrepreneurial benefits of freedom, flexibility, and fun, usually through a recurring revenue business model. I coined the term Lifestyle CEO on February 25, 2004. I knew immediately, that it perfectly described the kind of integration of life and business that suited me best. Today, as in 2004, most of the businesses featured by ... Read the Post