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2018 Best Nine

For the past few years, I've enjoyed seeing people post their "best nine" Instagram photos from the previous year. I was always so engaged with other things at the start of a new year that I never did it myself, but this year, I'm on it! Here are my "best nine" from 2018! From left to right, top row to bottom row ... • Sipping fresh coconut water in South Beach with my husband • Enjoying being chauffeured by my newly driving 17-year old ... Read the Post

Flexibility: Make It Yourself

Before I launched the Indie Business Network in 2000, I held multiple jobs, each of which I enjoyed. But when I decided I wanted to get married and have a family, suddenly, the opportunities that suited me dried up. Nothing appealed to me. I looked into job sharing, but I could not figure out how I could "share" a job and fully own the results.I looked into part-time work, but every woman I talked to told me that "part-time" always turned into "full-time," and I didn't want that ... Read the Post

Family: Legacy

I often refer to my children as my WHY. This is my excellent 91-year old Mommy. She is my HOW. Family Whenever I feel incapable or like I will fail, I hear her voice cheering me on.She is so far superior to anything I could ever hope to be, and I can only pray that, through my stubbornness, some of her wisdom slips through.For me, entrepreneurship has never been so much about business as it is about legacy. If, through my work at @indiebusiness, I can leave a strong and positive ... Read the Post

Word For 2019: Listen

I am so excited about this new year and a new opportunity to listen more carefully to what people are saying through their words and actions. Listen What lessons do I need to learn from my children that I may be missing because I am so wrapped up in parenting?What do I need to do differently based on what my Indie Business Network members have to say?What things can I learn from strangers, my friends, my business colleagues, my neighbors, the guy who loads groceries into my car, etc., ... Read the Post

Freedom: Never Waver

New entrepreneurs sometimes ask me how I've managed to be in business over at the Indie Business Network for nearly 20 years. Here are some of the specific questions I receive regularly:• In lean times, how do you resist the urge to try something different?• Don't you have to change with the times?• How did you stay in business during the Great Recession?The answer these (and countless other) questions is the same. Never Waver While it may seem constricting to lead the same business ... Read the Post

Top 10 Things To Master

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Flexibility Without Boundaries

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Entrepreneurial Multiplier

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Facebook Groups Lead to Sales

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